Looking ahead to shopping for a 2nd domestic to your weekend getaway close to Mumbai? Here`s why you can purchase assets in Alibaug. 

Alibaug is one of the most well known spots for people residing in Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Strategically located, Alibaug is only a hop of the boat at a very short, convenient distance from the gateway of India. Developing economically, socially and liberally, the lovely metropolis is rising because the actual property is a hot-spot for weekend houses, second houses, villas in Alibaug with pool and investment. Located in proximity of one hundred km from Mumbai, Alibaug is blessed with scenic nature neighboring the Arabian sea and Ghats of Sahyadri. Being the quickest growing cities, there has been an upsurge in actual property in Alibaug and homestays and villa in Alibaug with pool. There are numerous new residential tasks in Alibaug that provide luxurious flats, flats and villas. Let’s examine a number of the top reasons which you have to recall whilst buying assets in Alibaug.

Expanding Infrastructure

Panvel – Kopra Airport, one of the ongoing government projects,  is just 45 minutes from Alibaug. This project has impacted the significant market growth of real estate investment and further facilitated the development of schools, universities, transportation, roads, and new business opportunities. There are several new infrastructure development projects that facilitate easy access to Alibaug. These projects include the Row Row service, local trains, Virar multimodal corridor roads, and the Mumbai-Goa 4 Lane highway, with a focus on reducing  travel times.So investing in villas in Alibaug with pool while the infrastructure is growing, would seem like a wise decision.


As an ideal tourist attraction, the hospitality industry has grown tremendously. A booming second-home hotspot and presenting housing projects to some well-known builders, the city is strongly driving demand for real estate while being a coastal town equip with amenities. With the rise of start-ups and new business opportunities, there were ample employment opportunities.

Way of Living 

There are several developers who offer luxury apartments and flats, as well as villa in Alibaug with pool, with a focus on providing comfort and bliss in the second house. The thriving real estate market has made great strides in providing luxury amenities  for a better lifestyle. Builders have been doing the same with similar locations such as Igatpuri, Nashik and Karjat villa with swimming pool as they have seen a rise in demand for farmhouses,homestays and villas in hill stations and towns alike.

You can have the capacity to break out of your day to day responsibilities and alternate your private home surroundings with something special that would lessen strain and enhance your feeling of being on vacation. Often you may integrate your journeys for your spare time domestically with social sports like inviting buddies of your own circle or relatives and family members. Your visitors will look back to these visits with a great deal of delight and pride as compared to ordinary social gatherings in your permanent home. Also your children get a much wider horizon via means of being acquainted with another vicinity than their day to day surroundings.

The villas are design so that buyers with basic luxury elements can also enjoy the return on their investment.

All Time Low Rates on Stamp Duty 

Last year, Maharashtra cut stamp duty to fuel the slumping housing market. However, the Maharashtra state government has not changed the billing rate in preparation as  stamp duty will return to normal rates this year. These unchanged rates help buyers collect stamp duty and other taxes at lower base rates, making it a good time to invest in real estate.

Peaceful Weekends on the Go

On weekends, you don’t want to waste your limited time on long trips. Travel also makes you more tired. Well, buying your second home  in your city will help you relax and you won’t waste a lot of  time and money on your trip. You already have what you need around your house on the weekends, further reducing the burden of carrying  your luggage, isn’t it?

Management of the Property

The main reason  people hesitate to invest in real estate on the weekends is the hassle of maintaining and maintaining a home. Leading and reputable developers innovate themselves, provide end-to-end solutions, and thereby handle the maintenance part. While you are away, our internal management team will troubleshoot issues related to housekeeping, facility maintenance, and housekeeping system functionality and keep you up to date for your next visit. Property identification with such owner-friendly services will make your life easier and your investment is worth every penny, while listing your property with Ekostay makes it an ideal alternative to earn a rental income on the side.

WFH Lifestyle – Here to Stay 

Most companies have extended their telecommuting to next year, and some are moving forward with remote work. Employers now understand the feasibility and affordability of working from home. Therefore, this trend seems to be here for a longer period of time. At such times, the villa is ideal for  warm family reunions and gatherings, ensuring that your work life is uninterrupted.


Despite the significant rise in Alibaug real estate prices, real estate values ​​have risen by about 150% over the past decade and are expected to continue to rise. Therefore, if you are looking forward to investing in real estate, Alibaug will provide you with good value or ROI for your real estate. Seize your unique opportunity as it is the right time to invest.

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