Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is a Nic Cage meme as a film

We have always been amazed at the sheer size and weight of people, particularly in this industry. But one man, a big talent, was often overlooked — one who could be so very much more than just another big star. In fact, that’s just what he was. He wasn’t even born until 1966 — three days after James Brown broke out as the soulful vocalist for Sam Cooke’s album. Yet, his impact on the world was almost unnoticed during those early years of his life. And then again, when he burst onto our music scene, it seemed like he might never have happened had he not received the support of others. As we have grown up with him, it has become apparent that we need to see someone that looks nothing like everyone else — especially when you consider that they are only human and don’t really know each other, which is something that is difficult to comprehend for someone of their stature. The truth is, we all are different from one another; we aren’t exactly alike but we have commonalities that define who we are as humans

. In order to develop relationships with others, it takes time. So, when we look beyond the surface, there is no such thing as being too similar to anyone else. That is why people should do everything in their power to grow the friendships, make new ones, get along and make sure that they are doing things right so that that they can continue growing as creators long after the initial launch of themselves is over. There is no way to truly understand your partner or person if you are trying to copy them. If you want to build something meaningful for yourself, you must also create something for them that will help them to move forward.




It was only natural to try to give him an equal amount of attention, too, which means that he can sometimes feel taken advantage of or exploited. It seems odd because I have always found comfort in knowing that I am helping others by taking care of myself, especially when it comes to working through my own problems while trying to find the best possible solution for how a problem can be fixed. However, I think that sometimes people can also forget about the person that needs their help and focus on the external aspects of work. A lot of times, when people are suffering, they end up giving into the pain rather than finding the strength within that can help them to overcome it. This is the reason as well as the reason as why many women have chosen not to enter this profession. They choose instead to take refuge in the safety and security of menial jobs to avoid the real world, where they may face hardship and struggle. For me, this situation is not unique to women.

When I started writing, there were plenty of women in my audience that said “Well, why write?” Well, here were some reasons as to why this career path isn’t for everyone. People have to keep moving forward despite the obstacles that lay before them to accomplish their goals. Whether or not those obstacles are physical, they still exist, regardless of whether or not this career path makes financial sense or not. We have to keep going even if we can sometimes lose sight of who we are. Only then can we reach the point of acceptance. Not only does that allow us to grow as creators, but it allows us as a society to continue getting better at living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, some people get bogged down by the trappings of their own lives and refuse to accept that they are merely vessels. These people only have one chance to live to see another day, so please allow the love you and your family gives your beloved self to shine even brighter. Because one day, you too will walk on stage and share your story. Your voice is yours, and it takes every ounce of energy and heart you have to put it into the words that change a world for the better.




At the same time, you deserve to learn from other people what it is to be a good mentor and friend. Never underestimate that time and again, you are called upon to teach another person important lessons. You deserve to leave someone with something useful in return. Because while these things may seem overwhelming when you think about it, they will bring you peace of mind. What once was full of fear now has a feeling of serenity—not only for yourself, but for those around you as well. Sometimes, these fears can push you back. Why? You cannot hide behind the shadows of someone’s troubles or worry about who’s gonna pay your bills. No you cannot do this against everything that you know about being vulnerable when it comes to sharing your feelings and emotions with someone you love. Instead, you have to come out in the open and let them know that they are loved and appreciated even while you carry those struggles with you. You shouldn’t hide away — even though others around you do. Every single day you wake up and smile at the dawn, you are entering this world to offer a message — and it takes only so long — your message and the love you express can spread far and wide. Don’t ignore the warning that says to stop and turn around. Those around you will know how this journey can be a bit rough at first, but that is normal for most journeys

. One day you make mistakes and the next day, everything goes smoothly until they catch you flat on your back. Until that moment arrives when you sit back on your bed, breathless, crying, and not able to finish the rest of your thoughts about what went wrong. Now they tell you that your life is about to change dramatically before you know it. Just two weeks earlier, you saw your name adorn in front of thousands of fans at the Bud Light Stage — this is the beginning of an incredible journey. That is how it feels to finally make it to the end of 2019, at the start of 2020, and everything up to this point has been about changing your identity for good. With each success, you are given a gift to share with others. Some gifts are simple, while others are more complicated. But whether you enjoy making small talk with the few close friends or are looking for guidance from larger figures like parents or teachers, you need to remember the value of sharing your story. You wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world. Those moments are valuable gifts, both personal and professional, and they make you into someone you really are not. You won’t be someone else, and instead, you will be that much more special version of yourself. Remember that you are uniquely worthy of love whether it happens on stage or behind closed doors.

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