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Are you planning to move to a new home?  Moving large amounts of furniture and boxes that have been stored over time can seem like a daunting task.

Looking for a Reliable Moving Service? We can avoid any delays, complications, and surprises by organizing our move in advance.

Next, we’ll show you step-by-step how to organize a house move to make it easier.


1.- Calendar

Once you’re certain that you will be leaving your home and are ready to move on to a new phase in life, you can get a calendar. You will have the temporary guidance to follow a sequence of steps and order from the beginning, whether it is for days, weeks, or months.

You should plan the tasks and assign them according to the time available. It is important to be realistic about the time we will need.


2.- Say Goodbye to Diogenes syndrome

It’s common for us to discover objects we didn’t know we kept. It’s time to let them go. It can be difficult to let go of objects that have emotional meanings, such as the “just in case” fear or procrastinators. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you need to keep certain objects around. This is an excellent exercise for detachment.

It is a great time to lose weight. You can also donate or give away clothes you no longer use, even if they take up too much space in your closet.

You and your new home will be grateful that you have gotten rid of as much weight and bulk as possible.


3.- The List

It is quite normal to forget things during removals. We want everything to go smoothly so there will be some days, weeks, or months when we are more stressed than usual.

To reduce unnecessary weight you should make a list. When you arrive at your new place, you will simply need to check them off your list.


4.- Let’s pack!

This is the time to be organized and careful. When packing the boxes, there will be a specific order. The rule is that what we use most, goes last.

It is common sense. We will start to pack books, out-of-season clothes, decorative items… anything that we don’t use in our day. You can also pack by room instead of objects. We will start with the room we use least such as the guest bedroom, storage room, and so on.

It is crucial to label everything! It is important to label a box after you have finished it.

To prevent fragile items, like plates, from breaking, it is important to pack them in boxes horizontally. How to organize clothes for moving is the real problem. However, this is up to you, but always pack it according to how often you use it. It can be organized by clothing (trousers, sweaters ), season, or color.

Vacuum bags are a great option. They can save so much space, but they will cause wrinkles in your clothes. You can also include footwear in your suitcases, making them easier to transport.


5.- Analyze moving firms

It is a good idea to hire a moving company at this stage. Compare the prices of companies near you. Request at least three written and personal references.

Learn about additional fees depending on the services that you require and which may be included in your final bill. All conditions of service must appear at the beginning.

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