Kasol is a backpacker’ paradise in Himachal Pradesh. This scenic,  painting-like town is home to a lot of cute cafes, treks, stunning villages, festivals and authentic Himachali culture. A lot of young working peeps are opting for workation where they travel to any part of India and work with their laptops everywhere they go and chill and relax in the evening. This trend has gained popularity over the past couple of years which has resulted in an increase of hostel stays. 

Working from Home is a blessing though working by a window with a view of the majestic snow capped lush Himalayas is the workplace environment. Also, the trend of living in the Himalayan villages has attracted many tourists due to its simple, down to earth and minimal lifestyle. Kasol is known for its ecstatic views, tall oak and pine tree forest and Israeli cafes. If you find yourself in Kasol and looking for things to do, here are some exciting activities to engage in; 


Set up your camp right by the serene Parvati river and have yourself a riverside camping experience. The river flows silently by your tent as the stars once again cover the skies and you have lovely bonfire night, jamming sessions and share stories. 


Set beautiful in Parvati Valley, Kasol is a gateway to many treks like Kheerganga, Sar Pass, Pin Parvati Pass trek. The steep trek trails with huge boulders and greenery on its side becomes a unique terrain to go for a hike. A perfect activity for adventurers, trekkers and mountaineers in Kasol. The tricky terrain of Kheerganga is bound to pump your adrenaline to the max throughout the trek. Also, not to forget the milky white Parvati river flowing silently beside you. 

Visit Villages

 A trip to Himalayan village remains unmatched. The villages are old, echo with ancient tales and drenched in politeness. The locals are super welcoming and warm towards the guests and kind of set standards of hospitality. Villages like Tosh, Malana, Chalal are the best places to interact with the locals, share stories over some hilly chai and make new pahari friends. Visit Malana which is believed to be  the oldest democracy in the world with exquisite production of cannabis cream.  The best way to interact with the friendly locals and witness the ancient village still prevailing in its authentic style. 


Fishing in the HImalayan rivers is a reading experience. Even the still, silent views and forests surrounding the rivers seem peaceful while you fish. Fishing requires a lot of patience and there’s no other place where eyes are blessed with the picture-like views of the mountains far away and there is nothing but the sound of forest and the river. Go to Naggar for some trout fishing and just exist, be there in the moment while you wait for the fish. 

Surprise your taste palette 

Kasol is known for its well known Israeli population and their cafes. Lick your fingers as you devour the delicious Shakshuka and Israeli desserts. The Moon Dance Cafe is quite famous for its down to earth, chill  vibe and amazing views. The ambience is great in these cafes, good food, good music, and a chance to mingle with new people who are equally enthusiastic about traveling and exploring. 

Party in Himachali style

Taste the local rice beer; Chang in Kasol and party Himachali style. You will find local rice wine made from totally natural ingredients, no preservatives or additional flavor added. The drinks are 100% natural and consist of 0% alcohol content.  


Every village, city, town has a  local market of its own. It is no different for Kasol. Shop in the local market of Kasol and buy the handicrafts, souvenirs, beautiful handwoven scarves, jewelry and many more. Local markets of any region portray the nature, culture and history of the region aptly. 

Lastly, there are festivals in Kasol which are held annually and visited by tons of young peeps. The music is techno, neon lights, vibrant vibe, party ambience and psychedelic trips in these festivals. Shangri la and Hype music  festivals are quite famous in Kasol among the tourists. Just hop in on a new outfit and party in the mountains.  

By Rishi

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