What’s the worst thing about best moving? It doesn’t mean you have to leave people behind. It’s not about being alone in a new place – technology has made it so easy to make new friends. It’s the actual moving.

It can be exhausting to take stock of your belongings, pack them in boxes, label them, put them away until D Day, then have them shipped. Then there is the unpacking.

This can be made easier by skilled international movers and packers. Finding the right one is key.

The problem with choice

A Google search for international movers and packers returns approximately 13,80,000 results. You’ll be able to find multiple options even after narrowing your search by location.

What should you do? So you decide which three results you want to choose, or, if you’re diligent, the five first results. Then you get in touch with the movers and packers. It’s all good and dandy.

Is it? It is not enough to just compare quotes. There are many pitfalls in vetting packers or movers. There is no way to compare quotes between different companies. Three international movers and packers are likely to offer three different quotes, with very little variation in service. How can you compare them?

Another reason is that quotes are not a reliable indicator of the company’s ‘character’. If your packers or movers are unprofessional or fraudulent, good quotes won’t mean anything. Inexperienced laborers may cause severe damage to your goods. They could even take your goods and money with them. Imagine the horror!

When it comes to selecting the right packers or movers, the question should not be ‘why’ but ‘how’. How do you locate, vet, and choose reliable packers and movers to help with an international relocation? Research, research, and more research are the key to finding trustworthy packers and movers for international relocation.

8 steps to finding the right packers and Movers

It is both an art and science to choosing the right packers or movers. This eight-step guide will help you to choose the right packers and movers.

First, conduct a thorough initial screening

Now can start your search online. You can use your favorite search engine to locate international packers or movers that operate from or to your area. You will see seven to eight packers or movers on the search engine results page. Most of them will be well-known companies.

You can do your research. Check out the links to the websites of the movers and packers listed on this page.

  • The full address and name of the company
  • International operations may require the use of alternate names.
  • Contact information: Both the email and phone numbers

Any packers or movers that do not provide enough information on their websites should be discredited. To check reviews of companies, you can also use websites like Mouth Shut.

2: Dig deeper with quality scanning

Next, narrow your search by looking for certifications specific to your industry. We represent the highest standards for international packers or movers. These certifications ensure that your movers and packers adhere to the global standards for managing and providing international relocation services.

Before you move on to the next step, make sure your list does not include movers and packers in Lahore who do not possess the quality certifications.

3: Examine the online reputation

While screening company credentials is the science of selecting the right packers or movers, then assessing their online reputation is the art. 

You can use review websites like Google Business to find potential packers and movers who have passed steps 2 and 3.

These sites can help you get a better understanding of the packers and movers on your list. Keep in mind that not all reviews are favorable, popular, or objective. You will still be able to remove packers and movers who have received extremely poor reviews.

4: Get quotes and compare

It is important to get quotes directly from packers and movers you have on your list. Don’t trust aggregator sites that claim to offer you the best quotes from multiple companies. Do your research and ask for quotes directly from international packers or movers. Compare at least three quotes.

It is a good idea to get a list of all the services and costs included in an estimate to help you vet potential companies. Avoid moving companies that offer low estimates. Also, be sure to check the services that you receive if packers or movers charge high rates.

5: Analyze years of experience

Although the relationship between competence and experience is not always linear, it does have its benefits. When helping clients relocate, international packers and movers can offer valuable insights and wisdom.

They are also more likely to know the intricacies of international relocation than movers and packers who are less experienced. They are also more likely to have a well-organized packing and moving process and a highly skilled crew. This will prevent any problems.

6: Verify references

Experience with previous customers is a better indicator of competence. Contact the packers and ask for two references. To get a better understanding of the company’s relocation services, contact the references. Ask about the service and the overall experience of the references with the respective packers or movers.

7: Zero in on 3 packers and movers

At this point, your list should be down to three or four names. Based on the information you have gathered about them, choose the three best packers and movers. Next, make arrangements to visit them. This is crucial. You can learn a lot about potential packers and movers by visiting their place and talking to them face-to-face, instead of via the phone or internet.

8: Be ready to ask the right questions

Finally, be prepared to learn from potential packers and movers when you visit their offices. Ask as many questions as you want. Particularly, inquire about the crew and details regarding the service guarantee.

  • Crew: Find the company’s packing and moving staff. Instead of hiring local moving and packing crews, the right packers and movers hire and manage their staff. Before hiring, they conduct thorough background checks and make sure that the crew is licensed and insured to work in the area of their employment.
  • Get information about the company’s service guarantee. Right packers and movers are transparent and give ample information about the service guarantee and how to resolve disputes.
  • Insurance: Check for information about the insurance coverage provided to you by your relocation company. This includes details about the underwriting company. Remove the relocation company from your contact list if they are covering the insurance at their own risk. Only an Insurance company can insure goods.

Ensure that you clear up any doubts during and after the meeting.

Now is the time to make your final decision. Contact the company that inspires you the most and ask them to come to your home. Before you commit, take inventory of everything that needs to be packed and moved.

Next, confirm the details like the date and hour of the movie. Ask for a signed copy of the order and a bill of lading. Relax now. You’ve done extensive research and selected the best packers & movers to handle your upcoming relocation. You can trust them to manage your relocation from here.

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