If you are living in Cuba, then you have probably heard of Compraspacuba, the country’s online shopping site. Many people in Cuba use as their main source of product purchases, since it is much more convenient than the physical stores. Customers can buy various items online, from household goods to electronic devices. Listed below are some of the items that you can purchase through . These products include groceries, clothing, and even electronics.

Bazar Regalos Cuba

If you’re interested in buying products and services from Cuba, you should check out the online market Bazar Regalo. This site allows you to buy both everyday items and luxury goods from Cuba. You can use prepaid cards to make purchases and even browse products. However, the website’s Terms of Service are not always clear. It’s always best to check these before making a purchase, as they may change without notice. If you have any questions, contact customer support and ask them to provide you with any assistance you need.

If you’re not planning to make purchases in Cuba, you can buy some of the same products on the website. However, you need to read the website’s Terms of Service carefully, as these may change without warning. You’ll also need to read the information on products before purchasing them. You can also use the TARGET card to make purchases from Bazar Regalo. While there are many advantages to shopping on Bazar Regalos, it’s best to check out the Terms of Service before making a purchase.

Las Tunas mall

The Las Tunas mall in Compraspacacua is a shopping center with a wide selection of goods and services. There are many things you can purchase, such as natural products, solar panels, household goods, and beauty products. You can also purchase basket products and other structures made of ceramic, and even benefit the mine arena. The Las Tunas mall also has a pharmacy. The prices in the mall are competitive with those in other parts of Cuba.

For first-time visitors to Cuba, you can choose products that are under $20 and are available at other retail locations. You can also book a delivery or make a reservation through . They also accept credit cards. There is a list of prohibited items that you can look for, as well. You should also be aware of the prohibitions on some items, such as cigarettes. Before you purchase items from Cuba, check the list of items banned by Cuba.


You can buy many items from Amazon in Cuba using your credit card at  The site allows you to shop for a variety of items, and you can also book deliveries and make reservations. The prices are competitive and you can get a wide selection of products from a wide range of categories. If this is your first time visiting Cuba, you may want to shop for products that cost less than $20. Amazon in is a great option for purchasing items that you can’t find at local stores.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start shopping on the site. The website is easy to navigate, and offers a wide variety of products, including household goods, solar panels, natural products, basket products, and structure ceramics. Amazon in Cuba also sells items that benefit the local mines arena. The process is simple and you can even send free SMS from your phone to Cuba using the Nauta mobile app.


If you’re in Cuba and you need to buy a wide variety of items, Supermarket23 in  is a great place to shop. Whether you need a new digital television, or a new water heater, this Cuban superstore has everything you need. The website accepts US dollars, and you can use your prepaid card to purchase the items you need. You can also order items for delivery right to your door.

Another great feature of SuperMarket23 is its online grocery store. This service is available in all of Cuba, but you can select certain provinces and regions to receive your orders. When placing an order, make sure to check the delivery time. In general, you’ll see a time frame, but it may vary a bit. In any case, the delivery time is generally a few days. If you need your items quickly, consider ordering them on a Saturday or a holiday.

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