First things first, sutures are medical device that actually are use to repair cuts in skin tissue. These simply grip and hold the tissues together when there is any sort of a breakage in skin integrity after any injury or surgery. 

These sutures are usually thread-like. They are of diverse shape, sizes and even are use according to the sort of cuts. Suturing is critical for the healthy and proper recovery of patients of course; you can come across different options like monofilament polypropylene and others once you start exploring the sutures.

Remember, sutures can be classified into various types. These can even be Monofilament or braided. Sutures can even be natural and synthetic. Then you should also know that sutures are there in both the categories of absorbable and non-absorbable.  Talking about absorbable sutures, these are the ones that are simply not eradicated by the doctor or medical expert. These sutures get digested by the enzymes that stay in or present in your body. 

Then there are many kinds of absorbable sutures such as Gut, that of Poliglecaprone, Polydioxanone, and polyglactin. Non-absorbable sutures are actual remove by the doctor after a few days or some time. There are many kinds of Non-absorbable sutures, such as polypropylene, that of polyethene, and even polyamide sutures. 

Non-Absorbable type of Sutures

Non-absorbable type of sutures are the sutures that are simply to be remove  by the doctor after a needed period. They provide long-term guard to the tissues. These even stay separate from the inflammatory procedures of the tissues until they get manually removed from the skin. Some generally used Non-absorbable type of sutures are Prolene, Nylon, and silk. These sutures are somewhat mainly used in tissues that take much time to heal. These are even used to suture tissues like that of tendons, fascia, abdominal wall, or vascular anastomoses.  A quick peep into some types:

Silk Sutures

Silk sutures are getting use for a quite long time. Sutures are synthetic man-made type of sutures. They are good for the use in Dental Surgery, It is even available in reels of twenty five or ten meter packing.

You should know that Silk sutures have brilliant knot security. These are easy to get handl ; hence , they can also get use as a temporary suture during time of surgery. These rarely provoke a tissue reaction. You would find them comfortable and really soft.

Polypropylene Sutures

These are synthetic non-absorbable type of monofilament sutures. These sutures provide long dermal type of support. They elicit less sort of tissue reaction and are absolute used in skin and percutaneous and even subcuticular pull-out closures

Polyethylene Sutures

Speaking of these, they are non -absorbable surgical sutures. . These sutures are soft and gentle, so they can easy be use on tissues conveniently. You would find high knot security in these types of sutures. 


So, whether prolene monofilament or any other options; your doctors would make a decision on the basis of your wound type and needs. The good part is all sorts of sutures are there to help and heal you.



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