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There are several popular crypto exchanges that are known for their features and services offered to the users. As a novice crypto investor or trader, you will have numerous options to choose from. However, finalizing an exchange is not as easy as it may seem as there are several aspects to consider.

As a beginner, it is important that you have an idea about the kind of exchange you want to use. If you have a defined criteria then identifying an exchange that is suitable can become easier.

It can also be convenient for you to find a good exchange if you have an idea about the most popular crypto exchanges and the features and services they offer. Once you have an idea about your options you can then compare the available features with your criteria and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

This is why it is essential that you have the following information and then choose an exchange that is most according to your criteria and trading requirement.

Popular Crypto Exchanges – PrimeXBT

One of the most versatile and popular crypto trading platforms in the market is PrimeXBT. It offers a low and transparent fee structure, which is one of several reasons why it is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges.

This crypto trading platform also allows the users to trade the flagship crypto asset BTC as well as a few other altcoins.

This feature offers copy-trading, which allows the new traders to copy the trades of experts. In this way, you will have the same profits or losses as the experienced traders. This feature is not only suitable for novice traders but also helps people who want to trade but have a demanding schedule and cannot keep a constant check on the market movements.

Bybit Exchange

The Bybit exchange is one of the popular crypto exchanges you should know about, especially if you are interested in leverage trading.

This exchange is one of the top ones, thanks to its outstanding features available for the users. The Bybit exchange was launched in 2018 and has become one of the most prominent ones. They offers impressive customer support, which is available around-the-clock and has a beginner-friendly interface.

It makes use of advanced blockchain technologies, which prevents any system overloads. It also prioritizes the security of the users by using high-end security systems.

The Bybit exchange is also one of the top 10 crypto exchanges as it supports leverage trading and offers up to 100x leverage. It requires the users to complete the KYC verification, which adds to the security of the platform.

Binance Exchange

One of the most popular crypto exchanges in the market is the Binance exchange. This platform is known to be the largest crypto exchange in the world and offers some of the most remarkable and distinctive features to the users.

Binance has a high trading volume, however, this is not the only reason for its popularity or success. Apart from being the biggest crypto exchange in the world, it also offers unique features such as staking and dark pools.

This is one of the popular crypto exchanges to know about. Because it prioritizes the security of the users and offers a low. And fair fee structure, without any hidden or additional charges.

The Binance exchange also offers the largest collection of tradeable cryptocurrency pairs. One of the lowest fee structures, vast and solid customer-base and a high reputation.

Coinbase Exchange

The Coinbase exchange is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world and is arguably. The largest crypto exchange in the United States of America. It offers one of the lowest fee structures, which is transparent and does not include any hidden or additional charges.

It also takes the security of its users very seriously. And makes use of cutting-edge safety technologies that keep the users’ accounts. These information safe from cyber attacks of any kind.

One of its most distinctive features is that it has a Coinbase Pro version. That is specifically designed for the experienced traders. It offers access to more than 50 digital assets and advanced trading tools that are used by experienced traders.

Final Takeaway!

Choosing a suitable platform from a list of popular crypto exchanges can be easier. And convenient if you have some helpful and essential information. This is why, as a beginner, you need to have the above-mentioned details before choosing an exchange.

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