3D printing is a latest technology of the 21st century. This technology had introduced in 1980. Some printers used for this purpose which are called 3D Printers. Now new printers are introduced which are called Metal 3D printer. So these printers are used to make a 3D shape of a metal.

Introduction to Metal 3D printer:

Metal 3D printer is a latest technology. It is introduced in 2014. Many costly printers are used for this purpose. These printers have ability to change the shape of metal of your own. So you can make anything with these printers what you want. Even bullets are also made with the source of these printers. These printers are getting popularity in this century in many countries. So the companies are earning $600 million every year with the use of these printers. So 3D printers have mad easy to convert the metal shape into demanding things.

Kinds of 3D printers:

There are hundreds of kinds of 3D printers according to their use. Some printers are huge enough that they used to build homes. Some are small enough to make tiny parts of machines. So there are some kinds of 3D printers below:

  1. Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
  2. Stereolithography(SLA)
  3. Digital Light Processing(DLP)
  4. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  5. Selective laser melting (SLM)
  6. Laminated object manufacturing (LOM)
  7. Electron Beam Melting (EBM)

1. Fused deposition modeling (FDM):

Fused deposition modeling is the most popular 3D printing technology in this century. So this technology is popular in both affordable 3D printers and 3D pens. This kind of printer was used in many other companies with other names too. These printers can make marble printing too. The manufacturers make many kind of things with the use of these printers. So this printer had formed and set for implement in late 1980. This printer built constructed objects layer by layer. These printers throw a heat on the plastic. Because of this step, plastic melts and the nozzles give a shape to this plastic.

The printer shows a component on computers screen. So you can move nozzles to make a thing with melted plastic. Even you can print the packages of drugs with the use of this printer too. This is a most famous printer in this century. This is so useful even in medical and as well as in business level.

2.  Stereolithography(SLA):

SLA is also a 3D printer. You can use it even for your projects. It is using in this century and famous as well. Even a medical student can use it to improve his project, if he wants to make an Amoeba. All those parts are smooth which are printed by this kind of printer. The printer thing’s quality depends on the quality of SLA. SLA printers have desk in it, where the plastic is put. The laser beams throw heat and as well as build a perfect shape as your own.

This printer has two more types, which are helpful in business.

3.  Digital Light Processing (DLP).

This printer works just similar to SLA. This has micro mirrors laid on semiconductor chip. This kind of printer has used in projectors, films and as well as in mobile phones.

4.  Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

This printer also works just like SLA. We use a solid material to print except liquid material. This is a main difference between SLA and SLS. This printer made hard and as well as strong printed objects.

5. Selective laser melting (SLM):

Selective Laser Melting is another printer used for 3D printing. This is a difference printer from all of above. It made things with the use of material powder. The laser joints the powder at a point to build object. It throws an electric powerful beam on the powder to make an object. So this kind of printer made strong objects. So the extra powder blow out from the desk of printer.

6. Laminated object manufacturing (LOM):

The companies use this printer for fabrication of metal objects. This printer glorify the beauty of objects. It has micro mirrors and a desk in it.It is very useful in the 3D material printing. It is a great metal 3D printer.

7. Electron Beam Melting (EBM):

Electron Melting Beam is different from all of other powder printers. This printer builds an object with electrons. This throw a powerful beam on the metal and build a strong object. This printer had used to build even plastic and as well as titanium and steel objects.

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