Mercedes-Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz B Class
Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer that is well-known for making luxurious and commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz was the largest dealer of premium vehicles in the world, with 2.31 million sold. Mercedes Benz focuses on premium cars that combine luxury, power and reliability. The all-new Mercedes Benz B-Class is a model of comfort and practicality.

Mercedes B-Class: Features

The Mercedes B-Class family hatchback is high and spacious. It is an easy car to drive, making it a great alternative to modern SUVs. Although the Mercedes B Class may not appear very exciting from the outside, the interior sets the B-Class apart from its competitors. The B-Class aims to combine the A-Class’s quality, refinement and hi-tech inside with more space and reasonableness. The 2020 B-Class is sporty and dynamic like ever before. The interior’s erotically transparent surfaces are a highlight of the plan and reflect the Mercedes-Benz plan reasoning in an exceptional, high-quality and timeless way.

The new B-Class is more energetic and dynamic than ever before. The exterior’s erotically transparent surfaces are a constant highlight and reflect the Mercedes-Benz plan theory in a high-quality and modern way. The new 2020 Mercedes B-Class measures 30mm more than the previous model and has an overall length of 4,419mm. The width is 1,796mm and the height 1,562mm. The B-Class is 1,440mm high, which makes it feel larger. The B-Class is twice as long as the A-Class and twice as wide. The new A-Class is modeled on the B Class, but with more aggressive styling. Optional LED Headlights are also available. Standard features include a tall roof design and a new taillight design. Mercedes also offers a variety of wheel sizes, with the B-Class offering sizes from 16 to 19 inches. Mercedes b-class is what you’re looking for Sell my car We offer the best deals in the UK.

The interior is almost identical to the A-Class. The main difference is in the layout of the instrument board. In the B-Class, it is a single unit instead of split bodies like in the A-Class. Five high-quality, circular air ventilations and five display units dominate the interior. The standard gear includes double zone atmosphere control, front- and back armrests and multifunction controlling wheels. There is also a range of lighting options. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), an innovative infotainment system, is standard equipment. It is highly sought-after.
The MBUX system can also be controlled via touchpads on the center console and buttons on the steering wheel. But, what’s more, it can also be controlled by voice. It uses a “Hey Mercedes”, command similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa personal assistants. Two 7-inch screens come standard on the Sport and AMG Line models. One can also upgrade to the Executive equipment pack for a 10.25 inch infotainment screen or the Premium equipment pack for a 10.25 instrument cluster. The Premium package includes a 225-watt high-end sound system.

Mercedes-Benz B Class

Trunk Space

Mercedes B-Class offers a 455-liter boot. The trunk space is approximately the same size as that of the B-Class. However, the new range includes a sliding rear seat and a 705-liter luggage capacity. The boot can be extended to 1,540 liters with the help of three segments of the fixed back seats and creases. This is 30 liters more space than the 2 Series Active Tourer. However, the BMW Gran Tourer model also has a longer wheelbase. See the top used Mercedes models Sell your car.
Driving and handling

The 1.3-liter four-chamber petrol in the B180 Sport is perfect for the type of driving that most B-Class owners will enjoy. The downsized engines that are prone to turbolag make throttle response slow and brittle. Accept the fact that this entry-level model’s performance is not great. Even though B180 Sport was claimed to be able to sprint to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds, it actually did better than its manufacturer. When rivals are compared to B class, which has a lot of torque, the problem is that in-gear acceleration can be boring. Fourth-gear 40-60mph sprint takes 5.7 seconds. This means that you will need to go into the upper reaches of the rev range in order to overtake unprepared. Although it can rev up to 6300rpm, the engine is unable to generate any additional power beyond 5000rpm. The B-Class is able to summon the same level of agility that low-profile tires have taken from many modern MPVs. It also has a quiet cabin with a noise level of just 67dB at 70 mph, which makes it a very peaceful vehicle. Although the B180 Sport’s low speed ride has many positives, it can be less sensitive to sharp inputs like potholes. A B180 Sport equipped with adaptive dampers that are set in the most relaxed setting may perform better. However, this is a minor issue to an otherwise impressive performance.
Safety Features

Euro NCAP has not tested the safety ranking for B-Class, but it was found that A-Class performed exceptionally well in 2018. This projection for the B Class is very impressive. The Volvo XC40’s safety rating for adult occupant safety is second to none, and it is on par with the S60/V60. In the interim, the joint-highest rating for child safety is 91 percent, and the highest for pedestrian safety is 92 percent. The standard equipment includes 9 airbags, attention assist and collision prevention aids with adaptive brake assistance, electronic stability control and traction control. A Driving Assistance package can be purchased for an additional payment. This package includes advanced functions such as blind spot assistance, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Mercedes-Benz B Class
Running costs

The B-Class does not have a plug-in hybrid option, unlike some of its competitors. This means that you can only use conventional petrol or diesel engines. Depending on the wheels, the 1.5-liter diesel engine can deliver between 51.4mpg to 60.1mpg. The E-Class’s first 2.0-liter diesel engine was the E-Class. It delivers 51.4 to 57.7mpg. Although the petrol engines may not be as efficient, they are still the best if you plan to travel less than 12,000 miles per year. The B 180’s 1.33-litre engine is the most economical, with a combined 40.4 and 47.1 mpg. Although the same engine can be found in the B 200 with a higher power, the economy drops to between 39.5 and 46.3 mpg. The B 250 petrol engine is the most efficient of the two, with 36.7 mpg to 40.4 mpg. The B 220 is a more economical option, delivering 34 to 38.7mpg. Used You can also read Mercedes gla.


According to its trim level, the Mercedes B Class is reasonable in price. There are many models that have different prices, such as the B 180 Sport at PS 26,975, B 180AMG Line at PS 28,175, B 180 AMG Line at PS 28,175, B 200 Sports in PS 28,525, and B 200.
What’s new in 2020?

The new 2020 B-Class has more driver assistance features that the previous model. Active cruise control and Lane-Keeping Assist join forces to make it easier for you to halt in your lane on motorways. Active lane-changing is available to assist you in safely passing other vehicles. Mercedes claims the system can anticipate traffic movements up to 500m ahead. Driving Assistance Pack includes many of the 2020 features. The new B-Class’s back end can be opened and closed with no effort using the HANDS-FREE Access.  All it takes to automatically open or close the B-Class is a small foot movement.
Variants and Specifications

There are two engines available for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class: one diesel engine and one petrol engine. The Diesel engine is 2143cc and the Petrol motor 1595cc. It’s the standard Mercedes passage of SE Section models with Sport and AMG line available as top-line grades. The Electric Drive variant is its own model with Sport and Electric Art trims. There are only a few engines available: a 1.6-liter petrol, two versions of the 1.5-liter diesel, two versions each of the 2.1-liter diesel and an electric option. Standard equipment on the B 200 d, B 220 and B 200 d is an 8G-DCT8-Speed automatic transmission. The B 180 and 200 have a 7G–DCT7-Speed automatic transmission.
The new vehicle Sport comes in two trim options: AMG-Line and Sport. AMG-Line trim, which is more expensive and features better design tweaks, comes with a higher-spec AMG-Line trim. Manual transmission and automatic are both available for all but the highest-spec B220d and Electric Drive cars. B220d comes in an automatic transmission with either front- or four-wheel drive. Electric Drive has a single-speed direct driven transmission. We have the best selections of used cars in the UK if you’re looking for an affordable car.

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