Mental health definition is an absence of any mental illness that is disturbing the mental status of the person. One must know about mental health definition. Mental health also includes psychological fitness of the person. Mental health is the state of mind in which there is the proper functioning of mental level and has satisfactory response of emotional and behaviors. So mental health definition and information is necessary for the healthy life style. So world health Organization defines the mental health which includes:

  • Subjective well being
  • Autonomy
  • Competency
  • Self efficacy
  • Emotional potential
  • Self actualization of a person’s intellectual

Mental health definition and disturbance:

Disturbance in mental health:

Mental health and stability plays an important role in daily life.People in the society need social skills and behavior skills for enjoying the healthy life. If there is disturbance in  Mental health of a person ,there is remarkable changes in thinking, behavior and mood of that person. These are all diagnosable mental abnormalities. It means that the person has impaired mental functions because healthy mental state is successful in performing daily life functions such as relations with other people and in doing productive activities. Mental health disturbance causes many changes in mental status as well as in physical status too.

Causes of mental health disturbance:

A person with disturbed mental health may experience the disturbance due to loneliness,stress,anxiety, depression, relationship problems and different mood disorders too. So mental illness causes disorders that disturb the mental health status. Mental illnesses are also present in children . The common mental disorders in children include ADHD, anxiety disorders and as well as depression. So disturbed mental status can be managed by the help of

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Physicians
  • Medication

Significance of disturbed mental health:

It has significantly known that mental illness is much more common than heart diseases, diabetes and as well as cancer. WHO reported that almost half of the world is suffering from mental illness that effects their functional abilities and self-esteem. Mental health has also affects on the physical health of  a person. Because mental sharpness allows the person to take part in daily activities.

Treatment of disturbed mental illness:

There are two methods of treatment ,the older methods and the modern methods.

Older methods of treatment:

Older methods of treatment include

  • Trepanation: It is the procedure which had used to treat headache, epilypsy or insanities too. Trepanation was a surgical procedures and doctors choose sharpen stones to scrap the skull for the surgical procedure.
  • Lobotomy: This treatment had used for Schizophrenia and as well as for depression. It was invented that by cutting certain nerves could eradicate the excess of emotions and stabilize the person.
  • Exorcism: It is the spiritual treatment for eliminating the demons from the person.

Modern methods of treatment:

  • Pharmacotherapy: This therapy includes pharmaceutical drugs and these drugs include antidepressants, benzodiazepinesand lithium element. Pharmacotherapy is the advanced therapy for mental illness ,it also relaxes the mind.
  • Physical activity: Physical activity enhances your mood and is good for the mental as well as physical health because with physical activity there is release of hormone known as endorphins and endorphins are natural hormones which enhance themoods. Physical activityimproves mental abilities and mental functions.
  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is the best treatment which is done by psychotherapists. This includes psychoeducationalgroups, group activities , problem solving group etc.
  • Spiritual counseling: Spiritual counselors conduct spiritual counseling for comfort of people ,they guide them to solve the issues.
  • Meditation:Meditation also effective in treatment of mental disorders. Meditation relaxes the mind and body from stress and depression.
  • Expressive therapies: It include art or art making. This therapy involves art therapy , music therapy, dance therapy and poetry therapy.
  • Activity therapies: Active therapies include recreational and occupational therapy. This significantly improves and lowers the level of depression.

Management of mental health disturbance:

Management of mental health disturbance includes

  • Crisis intervention
  • Social work in mental health
  • Psychoeducational
  • Psychotherapy
  • Case management
  • Counseling
  • Emotional improvement


As mental health means absence of mental disorders. So there should be focus on increasing mental health by using different preventive measures. Prevention includes the regular visits to physicians for the satisfaction of the people. Prevention from mental illness can also be obtained by the improvement of emotions. For prevention there are groups that are working together for eradication of mental disorders.By full filling preventive measures one can live healthy life having healthy mind.

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