Computer is an amazing and biggest invention of 20th century. Earlier computers were bigger enough that they acquire a large room. So computers became smaller and smaller with the passage of time. So now it is smaller enough that you can take it anywhere with you. As everyone knows that computer is essential thing in present world. It uses in every field of life. The use of computer is spreading now-a-days. Some amazing inventions are also invented in computer field. So we will discuss some computer technology news with latest accessories are below.

Some major computer technology news:

1. VR PCs on your hand:

VR PCs is a new invention in computer field. It is like a 3D head set. It uses to play games, watch videos for clear images. It connects to computer. VR PCs are now found in different shapes, colors and sizes. A man put it on his head and feels himself in the game. So this kind of object is called Holographic computer. This can be use for skype calls. A man that use it, feel himself in the game or movie.

2. Talk to your computer:

Talk to your computer is a new technology using in all type of computers and mobiles. You just would have to give a little information to your PC and it done your work. So if you want to watch a movie or play a game then you just tell the name of game or movie and it provides to you. It is a far-field speech recognition technology using in it.

3. Swift point GT:

Swift point GT is just like a mouse but it is better than mouse in working. It is a gesture technology creation. It is very small in size to hold and move. There is a small wheel in the lower side of mouse aside. It is an amazing invention in computer field. It may be of different colors. It can do work with well performance on coarse place but a mouse cannot do so. It is a wireless device. So only a hub attaches with the laptop or to PC. It uses for designing and for daily works.

4. Flexible screens:

Flexible screens are an amazing invention of 21st century. So now you can move your computer screens just like a paper. You can zoom in and as well as zoom out images with this flexibility. Now you can put mobiles, laptops and as well as computers in your pockets. It folds and became very small in size. Now you can use computer while walking or as well as running. Now it is making more flexible and small in size. The flexible screens are shiny screens. You can bend it easily but it does not break.

5. Parrot drone:

There are many drones developed in this century but parrot drone has its place higher in computer field. It has more range to fly than other drones and it shows clear results of images. It is bigger in size and attaches with Wifi device. It is now available in different versions and types. It is a silent drone and make image clearly from a large distance. It is a perfect type of drone.

6. Robotics:

Robotics is the main technology in computer technology news. These have made for several projects and tasks. Some robots have made for daily bases works and some have made for specific works such as deactivation of bomb or for dispose of fatal material. Robots do such works which a common man could not do. They have sent to different spaces where it is impossible for man to go. So robotics is a branch of engineering including electric engineering and computer science. So robots are useful human companions.

7. Stuck gloves:

Stuck gloves are an amazing invention of computer technology news. These are used by a spy to keep view on their enemies to protect country from them. So these gloves attaches with computer with a hub. These are made of collection of chips and clothe. These gloves filled with carbon dye oxide.

8. Wireless accessories:

Wireless accessories are new inventions in computer field as well as others. So now wireless mouse and keyboards are easily available in all the countries. A hub has attached with the computers. So you can use these kind of accessories from a long distance. So these wireless accessories work better than other wired accessories as well .

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