A man of 23 years old with unabashed beauty on the ice, a best and famous Figure skater is not other than Jason Brown. Janson brown is the only familiar face from 2014 men’s American Olympic team. He is the youngest male figure skating Olympic medalists. Commentators describe him as uncategorizable,  an artist, a fan favorite or a dark horse.

Jason brown when came out in his spare costume and ponytail on the ice for skating, the moment’s pause. Public love to see his performance on the stage and during the performance, they forget to blink. After the performance, there is always a lot of claps and cries.

Brown is not a typical figure skater. His face so much expressive during the performance. His costume is emerald and black, with gold embellishments that make the audience wonder and idly. He is very flexible like a rubber. His spins are so beautiful that they look as if they might at any moment exit his body completely and go floating off like the flowers in “Fantasia.”

Biography of Jason Brown

Jason Brown was born in Los Angeles, California on 15 December 1994. He completes his graduation from Highland Park High School. He enrolled at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2013. He plays piano also. Browns was a very good and intelligent student. So he received many awards during graduation some of them are

  • Ralph Potter Memorial Award for exceptional ability and achievement
  • President’s Education Award for outstanding Academic excellence.

There are 5 members in the Jason Brown family.  Jason Brown Mother named Marla (Kell) is a television producer. His father, Steve Brown, works for a lighting company. he has an older sister, Jordan and a younger brother, Dylan. He belongs to Jewish Religion.

The career of Jason Brown

Brown start skating when he was 3 ½  years old. At the age of 5, Kori Ade was his Coach. So Kori Ade trained him in the different rinks in the Chicago area till April 2013. At the age of 11, Brown won the national juvenile title.

In 2009, he won the bronze medal on the novice level in U.S Championship. From the year 2010 to 2018, by his outstanding performance, he won many competitions too. And in 2015, he was the U.S national champion.

On the JGP series, Brown won the gold and silver medals and qualified for the second JGP Final in 2012-13.  In 2013, he was sent to World Junior Championships and got the third position too in the free skate after landing.

At the 2014 U.S Championship, Brown showed his best performance in “Riverdance” program which became more popular and viral. That video was seen by 4,000,000 peoples. And he got the third position in that program.

In 2016, Jason Brown placed 3rd in the short program of Skate America. During the program, he performed a quad toe which was 70% of its base value. He earned a silver medal, but in December 2016, a stress fracture was diagnosed in his right fibula. But he recovered fast and received the bronze medal at 2017 U.S championship.

Ending Notes

Jason Brown is a famous artist whose fans forget to blink while he performing on the ice. He is very hardworking and a confident guy who knows how to win the competition. He is not only a good artist but a good son and a brother also.

No doubt that hard work and motivation is much important for a success but if it becomes your passion then no one can beat you.

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