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Learn To Make More Out Of Empty Blank Cereal Boxes

You can make some amazing stuff with the black cereal boxes. These top six DIY ideas will blow your mind and allow you to make more out of empty food cases. What have you had for breakfast? It must be the cereal in any form. Why do you not open your store or kitchen cupboards? Find out the empty carton of grains must be lying there uselessly. With these many empty and blank cereal boxes, you can plant a forest. Is it not the best DIY? So it is the right time to recycle them and make new things out of them.

Let Us Begin the Research

If you have planned to create something creative with it that is useful for you and your kids, then no need to go anywhere. Just read this blog. Here are the cool ideas to make unique things with it. Whether it is your kid’s school projects or any household thing, you can make it with a cardboard box like a pro. If you have thrown them in a trash bin, then do not worry because you can use any paper food cases for these DIYs. Some of them are easy to make, but there is a little complex. Do not worry here. You will learn them quickly. Now it’s time to surprise your little one and treat your living area with these pretty things that you will make with it.

But, before jumping to the main thing, here is an interesting fact about the cereal box.

  • Do you know packages are the primary source of global warming?
  • Unlike plastic, you can recycle it, reuse and reduce it.
  • It consists of 100% cardboard stuff that is 100% biodegradable.
  • Plastic takes ages to decompose, but it takes only a month or two.

Make Your Business Cards

Why go after the same boring business card with prints. Now it’s time to create your card by yourself. If you are running any home-based business, then these will go best with it because everything is DIY, from your services to this paper. Making them is quick and straightforward. For this all you need the following supplies:

  • Cereal box or any Pasta box
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Markers

So why spend hundreds of dollars when you can make it on your own. Indeed these cases have box images/text on their back, but it is much better than the low quality and cheap cards. Using this, you will leave an impression of the person who cares for the ecosystem and prefers recycling.

Cute and Small Dairy

In this digital world, most of you keep track of your daily chores by printing them down on various apps, but notebooks have their own charm. Many businesses are offering cute and charming dairies, but they are hell-expensive. Of course, they will charge you for your creativity and ideas. If you are the one who likes to make beautiful cases, then you are at the right place. These diaries are best for you and even for running a small business.

Look at the images. No one would believe it is consists of the cereal box. They are very much fancying colourful and use the button to close them. To create this, all you need is the following things:

  • One Blank Cereal box
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Button
  • Sheet
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Needle and Embroidery thread
  • Glue or Double-sided tape

No More Messy Drawer Because You Have Divider

Whenever you open the drawer, you can see that the cyclones passed just a few minutes ago. Cleaning and arranging them is a nightmare, and it requires your entire day. The worst part is that you cannot find the things from the drawer when you need them the most. In such cases, you organize them every day to get your hands on the organizers.

Buying the Divider online seems a temptation, but you have to pay for it. Why do you not save the hard-earned amount by making it by yourself?

So get your hands on the following supplies:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Colourful paper sheet
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

How to make it?

  • With the help of the scissor, draw the lines on the cereal cases.
  • Use the scissors to cut them.
  • Wrap them with the sheet.
  •  Place it in the drawer.

Make Spools for Your Embroidery Floss

Are you searching the various online stores for the spools for the embroidery? If yes, then read this first, then think about buying it. The colourful embroidery floss needs something unique and cute. So make them by using certain cases. For this, you need the things mentioned below to create the perfect spools.

  • Get old spools
  • Scissors
  • Cereal box

Now follow the steps:

  • Create the template using the old spools.
  • Use scissors to cut it.
  • Secure it.
  • Wrap the embroidery floss.

These are easy to make and needs fewer times. By doing this you are not only helping yourself by saving money but also the environment.

Charming Gift Box

You do not have any case to pack the delicate and small items, then why don’t you make ones. You can buy from sites, but they usually are dull and tacky. SO solve this issue with pair of scissors and a box! Check out what you need to make cute gift boxes.

It will surely surprise your friend:

  • Get the template form the internet and print it .
  • Cut the lines and transfer them to the cereal box.
  • Use the scissors to cut it.
  • Fold the corners.

You do not need any colorful sheets because the prints on the box do the job well. You can decorate it with ribbons or marbles.

Make Beautiful Nightlight

Why do not you make your blank cereal box spark in the air? So now it time to allow the print and image on the boxes lit up in the darkness. Tracing the photos on the case with pin-picks, the designer places the lights inside for the best results.

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