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E-cigs or aroma king vape are the devices that are highly in use these days. Vapes first hit the market in 2002, and they started gaining popularity in 2010. It is stated that the number of vapers who have increased globally, ranging from 7 million in 2016 to 68 million in 2021. Reportedly, vapes are excessively used by the people of the UK, US, France and China.

Although several countries have banned vape products, some countries are using them as an effective alternative to cigarettes. There are various countries that are still debating about whether vapes are healthier alternatives to cigarettes or not; England has given its verdict. According to the National Health Service and Royal College of Physicians, vapes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain tobacco, and when tobacco combusts, it releases toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar, which are detrimental to human health. In contrast, vapes contain e-liquids that are made of substances such as; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings.


Weave off Smoking by Switching to Vapes:

People smoke for many reasons. Some people think it helps them overcome anxiety issues, while others think it makes them look cool. Smoking has been in the world for centuries and is still there. Although smokers are acutely aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, yet they find it hard to kick their smoking habits.

Adolescents who smoke just to appear cool in front of their squad need to understand that smoking won’t make them cool; instead, it ruins their lives. Cigarette smoking develops the risk of lung cancer, forms blood clots, and develops heart diseases.

If you are a smoker and cannot quit smoking, you should switch to vapes. Although there are a number of smoking cessation techniques such as going cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, patches, gums and cognitive behavioural therapy; Somehow, vapes turn out to be the most effective and helpful among them.

E-liquids, upon heating, turn into aerosols that a user then inhales. The clouds of vapes mimic the smoke of cigarettes, but unlike cigarette smoke, vape clouds do not contain harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide.

Disposable Vapes are Best for Beginner Vapers:

Disposable vapes like Dinner lady vape and Solo vape are best for smokers who want to quit smoking. The simple, sleek and straightforward design of these devices makes them user-friendly. Moreover, the device comes pre-charged, so you don’t have to worry about its charging, and you can discard them as soon as the battery drains out.

Furthermore, the e-liquids in disposable vapes contain free-salt nicotine,  providing you with a strong throat hit that gives you a sensation similar to cigarette smoke. E-liquids in disposable vapes come pre-filled, so you don’t need to re-fill them. Once the e-liquid runs out of the tank, you can discard your vape device.

Since disposable vapes like Aroma king vape do not require any modification or any initial setup like advanced vape mods, many beginner vapers choose them. Some disposable devices are rechargeable and not refillable you can charge them whenever you want.


Final Words:

Though there are countries that have completely banned the sale and purchase of vapes, England has put some restrictions on vape products. Under fine laws and regulations, one can easily sell vape products.

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