Cordless hair straighteners are quite new to the market and now it is getting popular day by day. The main reason behind its popularity is its portability. Unlike the traditional straighteners that require power supply, cordless hair straighteners are small and portable.

They are convenient and easy to carry. You can easily take the straightener anywhere and use it. Moreover, it saves a lot of space.

However, the question that arises is how long does a cordless straightener last? The answer is that it depends upon the quality of the product.

If you purchase a high-quality cordless hair straightener, then it will last for a longer time. So, you should buy a cordless hair straightener that is made up of high-quality materials.

The manufacturer of the straightener should be a trustworthy brand. A trusted brand will deliver a durable product that is durable and safe to use.

Moreover, you should check the warranty of the straightener. If it has a longer warranty, then you should go for that.

How Does A Cordless Straightener Work?

Cordless straightener uses the induction technology to heat the hair. This is the most common and best way to straighten the hair. There are two types of induction heating system which are contact and non-contact.

Contact heating system

This system is based on the principle that when the two plates touch each other, the metal will heat up and the hair will get heated.

Non-contact heating system

This is the second type of induction heating system. In this system, the two plates are separated and the electromagnetic waves are used to heat the hair.

What is the difference between the two types of heating systems?

The contact heating system is the most common method of heating the hair. The heating plates are in direct contact with the hair and the electromagnetic waves pass through the plate and penetrate the hair.

The non-contact heating system is not as common as the contact heating system. The electromagnetic waves are generated from the outside and the wave travels and penetrates the hair.

Why are the straighteners called cordless?

There are many reasons why the straighteners are called as cordless. The most important reason is that you don’t need any cord to connect the straightener to the wall socket.

The second reason is that the straightener will work even when you are away from the power outlet. The third reason is that it is portable and you can carry it anywhere.

How To Charge Cordless Straightener?

The use of straighteners has become very popular among women. A lot of women prefer this type of equipment as it is a fast way to straighten their hair without spending much time. These devices are the most convenient ones because you don’t need to use any heating source and you can easily straighten your hair.

But what happens when the battery runs out? Well, you will have to spend more time to recharge your straightener.

But, there is no need to worry anymore. You can charge your cordless straightener in various ways. So, here are some of the best ways to charge your straightener.

Use AC outlet

Most of the people don’t know that they can charge their straightener in the AC outlet. You just need to plug your straightener into the AC socket and leave it. It will charge within few hours and you don’t need to spend money on a charging station.

Use a charger

If you are a busy person and you don’t have the time to charge your straightener manually, then you can buy a charger. It will charge your straightener in few minutes and you will be able to use it. You can also buy a charging station so that you can charge it whenever you need.

Use the USB cable

Another way to charge your straightener is by using a USB cable. You can use it to charge your cell phone or laptop. You just need to connect your straightener to the computer and you will be able to charge it in few minutes.

Using a charging station

If you want to charge your straightener in a professional manner, then you can use a charging station. It will charge your straightener automatically and you don’t have to worry about the battery.


I hope that this article will help you to get the best information about  cordless Hair straighteners . So, if you want to buy a high-quality straightener, then you should make sure that the straightener has a long warranty.

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