Laka Glacier Trek Highlights

  • Spend your time soaking in views of Kangra valley.  Dhauladhar ranges from the height of 10600ft.
  • Trek through the beautiful terrain covered. With rhododendron backwoods and oak trees
  • Sit around a warm campfire session with soothing music. The evening and enjoy a fun New converse session with your team
  • Enjoy the mystical views of sun gently splashing golden lights. On the Dhauladhar Ranges from your campground
  • Embark on this audacious journey to Laka Glacier and mesmerise. The view of majestic mountains covered in snow

Laka Glacier Trek Overview

About the journey

Laka Glacier lies gracefully in the stages of Kangra Valley. And enveloped in the potent Dhauladhar ranges making. It a mesmerising journey to indulge in. It gains fashionability as a freshman-friendly journey. For the terrain is easy to moderate and as. It’s fluently accessible from McLeodganj and Dharamshala. It becomes an ideal choice for pedestrians. This journey would offer you an audacious experience and. As you reach the top, the panoramic views of snow- covered mountain ranges would be a glorifying decor to substantiate.

Start Time 1000 AM ( Day 1)

End Time 200 PM ( Day 3)

Know Before You Go – Laka Glacier Trek

  • At Bhagsu Nag Taxi Stand, we’ve our office where you can get repaired up.
  • Binary sharing canopies will be available at an fresh price.
  • Overnight stay will be handed around 2 km below. The Triund top due to restriction from Authorities.
  • On rush days, a couple of canopies might be chargeable. The package includes the price of multiple sharing canopies.
  • Cataloging Policy-30 of the booking value will be charged. As a cataloging figure incase if the client wants. To register their booking before 2 days of the date of trip. After or on date of trip booking won’t be tallied.
  • Children below the age of 7 times aren’t recommended for this journey.
  • Climatic conditions in the high mound vary from the plains. Take acceptable time to get adapted to high mound.
  • The operation reserves all the right to modify. The journey during any extremities or natural disasters.
  • Consult a croaker before bearing the journey. Carry introductory specifics and a first- aid tackle during the journey.
  • It’s recommended to carry enough warm clothes. And the right kind of shoes for the journey.
  • Pay heed to the journey attendants and preceptors. In order to enjoy a safe and sound journey.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicants during the journey.
  • The journey takes place through aneco-friendly zone. Don’t encourage littering the original spots or campgrounds. 
  • Water is veritably precious, so conservation is appreciated.
  • Don’t encourage touring during the night unless. It’s a part of the diary and a companion is with you. This might lead to unlooked-for mishaps.
  • Avoid using earphones during the journey. This might hamper your audibility.
  • In case, the journey needs to be cancelled The authorities should be informed beforehand.
  • . Social distancing to be maintained.


  • Please give a valid ID at the time of check- heft.
  • The exact position will be participated with youpost-booking.
  • Professional companion (s) are available to insure high safety. And further information and particular attention which are necessary to appreciate a journey.
  • Neat and clean vehicle for the trip with educated. Motorist especially for hilly terrains available.
  • Permit charges aren’t included in the package.
  • All the conditioning depend upon the rainfall.
  • Camping is veritably introductory in nature. One mustn’t anticipate luxuries. Electricity may be available only at a many locales.
  • Mobile & laptop charging points may/ may not be available on campgrounds at a common point.
  • Any particular charges, particulars of particular nature, refections not mentioned,etc. won’t be in part of the package.
  • Carry dry snacks/ food from home (you will save a lot of plutocrat).

Quick Data

Total Trekking Distance 26 km.

Maximum Altitude measures

Temperature In summers, during the day. The temperature goes from 16 degrees C. To 25 degrees C and at night, it goes from 7 degrees C to 10 degreesC.

In layoffs, during the day. The temperature goes from 14 degrees C to 18 degrees C and at night. It goes from 1 degrees C to 5 degreesC.

ATM Last ATM is in Mcleodganj

Mobile Network BSNL/ Vodafone works in these areas

Touring grade Easy to Moderate

How to reach

You can either reach by your own auto or by using public transport similar as train, machine or air.

The option to reach Mcleod Ganj from Delhi. Is to catch the late Volvo. The alternate and the cheapest option to reach McleodGanj or Triund is to travel by train.

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