There is also the danger of becoming too reliant on a pill fildena 100mg to generate sexual fulfillment.

What if you are not able to take Viagra for the rest of your life?

If there is an underlying psychological problem, using Viagra as a quick cure will not work. The mind is command central for sex and it can override any pill or potion.

Consider this: if there is a viable alternative to dependency on a pill for satisfying sex life, wouldn’t it be worth the effort to explore it, especially if it is something you could do yourself to restore your erectile potency?

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps fit over the penis and create an artificial erection as a result of suction that draws blood into the penis. Once the pump causes an erection, a rubber band is slipped down to the base of the penis to hold the blood in.

The band is only safe to use for up to twenty minutes. The erection lasts for only about a minute and does not produce an erection workable for intercourse. In addition, there are dangers to using the pump. Bruising and bleeding can result. The pump should be used under the care of a physician due to the possible damage to nerve endings in the penis.

Penile Injections

Penile injections require training by your doctor. Penis injections are made on the side of the penis through a small needle. The substance injected will either be a quick-acting blood vessel dilator that allows blood to flow in very quickly, or a hormone called Prostaglandin which also promotes a fast erection. Pain is the obvious turn-off for the injections. Bruising, bleeding, and the development of scar tissue can occur at the site of repeated injections. Also, it can be awkward for a single man to get away to the bathroom and inject himself, while his date is waiting for him.

Penile Implants

Implants are a less popular method for achieving an erection. They are seen as the court of last resort. Their use is often reserved for men with no other recourse. Two types of implants are generally available. The first is a rod that is surgically implanted into the urethra. It is flexible but somewhat rigid, and it keeps the penis in a constant state of semi-hardness. The penis is simply folded over when sex is not desired, and bent into an erect position when it is.

The other surgical implant (and more commonly used) is an inflatable device that is filled with fluid kept in a reservoir in the abdomen. Erection is achieved by turning on a valve beneath the scrotum and allowing the hollow chamber in the penis to fill. The liquid is then released back into the reservoir following sex.

Both implant devices have risks of failure

You may find the use of such devices clumsy and uncomfortable during sex. You need to physically manipulate the mechanism to achieve the desired state of hardness. Ejaculation is not possible with an implant, though many men are able to orgasm.

If you are in search of ways to keep an erection for longer or experience erections problems, you can achieve it using natural means and in a fast manner by the intake of herbs for a rock-hard erection as talked about in this article.

Before we talk about the herbs for better erections, let us take a look at the hindrances men face in attaining a long-lasting erection.

Among the main hindrances is blood flow to the sexual organs, you really need to receive enough blood flow to drive blood to the penile organ and then engorge it, so an erection can take place. An erection depends on steady blood flow and any person with erection problems is prone to have inadequate blood flow when they are sexually excited.

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